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Premium Pianos

Handcrafted instruments of rare perfection.


Grand Piano

Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands that reflect the company's continually evolving acoustic and technology heritage.


Upright Pianos

Yamaha upright piano line includes a broad range of models designed to meet the requirements and sensibilities of pianists at all levels.


Silent Pianos

Silent Piano models allow the pianist to 'turn off' the acoustic sound and play in superb digital reproduction through stereo headphones.


TransAcoustic Pianos

Acoustic Digital Synergy. A new generation piano you can play in various voices and volumes to suit your musical life.


Disklavier ENSPIRE

Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano.” Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids, and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately reproduce the life performance of a world-class artist in turn bringing a live concert into your home.


Hybrid Pianos

Yamaha Hybrid Pianos are created by using traditional acoustic piano building techniques whilst incorporating the latest digital technology. They are equipped with a true Yamaha Acoustic Piano Keyboard and Action, combined with a digitally reproduced, high-definition concert grand piano sound.


Clavinova Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Pianos have full-sized keyboards that sound and feel like an acoustic piano, but take up less space. They're ideal for piano students, or for anyone who wants to keep playing.


Over the past 90 years, Kawai has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and workmanship in the crafting of world-class musical instruments – and has received over 50 major international awards for product and service excellence.

Today, Kawai acoustic and digital pianos are a top choice of pianists, teachers, churches, students and piano enthusiasts around the globe. Our skillful blending of traditional piano craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and materials has brought about the finest selection of award-winning grand, upright, digital, hybrid and professional stage pianos available today.

We invite you to visit our store to explore our collection of world-renowned instruments. The perfect piano awaits you