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From acoustic grand pianos to Clavinova digital pianos to the new Hybrid line, Yamaha has a solution for every need.

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Premium Pianos

Handcrafted instruments of rare perfection.

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Upright Pianos

Yamaha upright piano line includes a broad range of models designed to meet the requirements and sensibilities of pianists at all levels.

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Disklavier Pianos

Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano.” Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids, and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately re...

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Hybrid Pianos

Yamaha Hybrid Pianos are created by using traditional acoustic piano building techniques whilst incorporating the latest digital technology. They are equipped with a true Yamaha Acoustic Piano Keyboard and Action, combined with a digitally reproduced, hi...

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Grand Pianos

Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands that reflect the company's continually evolving acoustic and technol..

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Acoustic Digital Synergy. A new generation piano you can play in various voices and volumes to suit your musical life.

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Silent Piano models allow the pianist to 'turn off' the acoustic sound and play in superb digital reproduction through stereo headphone

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Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Pianos have full-sized keyboards that sound and feel like an acoustic piano, but take up less space. They're ideal for piano students, or for anyone who wants to keep playing.

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The finest piano sound and the finest piano touch in the most advanced Clavinova ever.

With a wide range of interactive musical features, CVP Clavinovas make any musician the conductor of their own virtual orchestra or band. Practicing piano has never been this much fun..


Quite simply, the finest CLP Clavinova ever


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Real wooden piano-style keys bring classic grand piano touch to a new generation of Clavinova.


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All the capabilities you want in your first piano, including satisfying touch and tone, make playing a pleasure.



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The sound system alone gives you the feeling of sitting at center-stage of a concert hall, while the Linear Graded Hammer keyboard with escapement brings a real grand piano experience to the equation.


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Two grand pianos in one Clavinova digital piano: Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial offer unprecedented levels of versatility to pianists of all abilities.

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A Clavinova with grand design; sound and
appearance that will add a touch of class to
any environment

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Authentic and fine quality digital piano, with amazing range of features that give musicians more options when composing and performing.

With a wide range of interactive musical features, CVP Clavinovas make any musician the conductor of their own virtual orchestra or band. Practicing piano has never been this much fun.


Musical fun and entertainment for the entire family.


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The finest piano sound and the finest piano touch in the most advanced Clavinova ever.

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Give your inner musician more Voices, more Styles and wireless iPad connectivity for countless hours of digital piano entertainment.

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How could Yamaha improve the design of the ultimate Clavinova CVP-709 digital piano? Put it in a polished ebony grand piano cabinet.

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Innovation with soul The AvantGrand... Created to Resonate with You.

Combining over one hundred years of superb piano craftsmanship with the latest advanced technologies.


Touch, pedal feel, reverberation, and resonance—by all metrics, the N3X meets or surpasses the demands of even the most discriminating pianist.

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Avant Grand Hybrid Piano. True Grand Piano Performance from a Vertical Grand that is minimal in design and aesthetically gratifying.

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In pursuit of the Grand Piano in everything such sound, touch and action.

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Open your mind to new possibilities

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Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb
sound and resonance, available at a price
suitable for smaller budgets. Silent
functionality has been added to this GB1K.
This is a SG2 type Silent piano™ featuring a
CFIIIS sound source.

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The pinnacle of reproducing technologies, the
ENSPIRE PRO offers the highest resolution
recording and playback paired with the
highest quality acoustic pianos for those who
want nothing but the best. Available models:
C7X, C6X, C5X, C3X, CF4, CF6 and CF...

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The ENSPIRE CL is the perfect experiential
centerpiece for any environment. Add a
sophisticated, fun or soulful musical
ambiance to entertain and enjoy. Available
models: GB1K

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Streamlined control panel

A streamlined control panel allows for simple tactile control while remaining hidden from view, providing the elegant look one would
expect from a finely crafted Yamaha acoustic piano..

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A piano of unlimited potential, the ENSPIRE ST provides full recording and playback functionality, the patented Yamaha SILENT Piano™ System and DSP Servo Drive System for users who want more from their acoustic piano. Available models: C2X, C1X, GC2, GC....

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Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano.” Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids, and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately re...

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